We're Blockchain Architecture.

We're here for the long run.

A software development company with 3 years of business excellence, we can develop reliable, scalable and secure software solutions for any OS, browser and device. We bring together deep industry expertise and the latest IT advancements to deliver custom solutions and products that perfectly fit the needs and behavior of their users.





Our consultants analyze your product vision, identify potential risks and benefits, advise you on the optimal solution architecture, and outline user experience milestones that effectively tackle user needs and create engagement.



We combine our engineering excellence with high-quality process management to help you get a competitive edge..


Server Management

Our engineering team operates as a solution-minded task force within your infrastructure to map out, design, implement and monitor software products that achieve and exceed the objectives of your business.


Blockchain Services

Blockchain-based product development for product companies.

Blockchain consulting and implementation for non-IT enterprises.


Managed Hosting

Functional and non-functional testing, client-side and server-side performance testing, detailed reporting, these and other QA practices allow us to ensure 100% customer and end user satisfaction.


Business Digitalization

We are proud of our quality approach that combines well- tuned QA processes and battle-tried performance tracking tools, including a proprietary AQA framework, that enable clients to mitigate risks and maintain consistent product quality.




We're using the latest frontend frameworks available.

React - Angular - Vue - WordPress


For the proper management and data handling, we're based on:

MongoDB - MySQL - Firebase


Our Team is constantly building web3.0 or dApps on ETH, SOL and ICP.

Solidity - Rust - Motoko

Let The Numbers Speak

Hostings Done
Dedicated Servers
Satisfied Clients
Websites Created


Sebastian is a talented graphic designer with a strong background in web design. He has an eye for detail and a passion for creating visually stunning websites. He has worked on a wide range of projects, from simple brochure websites to complex e-commerce platforms.

Gabor Sebastian Developer

Alex is a highly experienced software engineer with a focus on back-end development. He has a deep understanding of PHP, MySQL, and other web development technologies. He is also well-versed in security practices and has a strong background in data management.

Alex Moholea Developer

Frank is a full-stack developer with a strong background in front-end development. He has a deep understanding of React, Angular, and other modern web development technologies. He is passionate about creating dapps and web3 frameworks.

Andreas Frank Team Leader

Denis is a recent graduate with a degree in Computer Science. He is eager to learn about web development and has a passion for creating user-friendly and visually appealing websites. 

Denis Dragota Internship

Diana is a fifth-semester student studying Computer Science. She has a strong background in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and is eager to learn more about back-end development. 

Diana Deget Internship

Alexandru is a systems administrator with a strong background in server management and security. He has a deep understanding of Linux, Apache, and other web development technologies.

Alexandru Tut Developer

David is a content specialist with over 3 years of experience. He has a passion for writing and is skilled in creating compelling copy for websites, blogs, and other digital content. He has a strong background in SEO and is dedicated to creating content that drives traffic and engagement.

David Krisztian Developer